Latuffa 2010

Traiguén Vineyard

D.O Malleco

  • Latuffa single wineyard pinot noir

Tasting Notes: Harvested by hand and fermented in 2500 liters stainless steel tanks. A gentle ruby-red color wine. the aroma displays elegance and typicity on the nose, with floral aromas such as violets and red fruit that recalls strawberries and rosehips. Subtle notes of vanilla, roasted nuts enhance the wine’s complexity. The palate confirms its excellent flavor typicity, with a generous, ample opening framed by fine tannins and a refreshing acidity that prolongs the flavors to produce a long, smooth and elegant finish.

Variety: Pinot noir

Alcohol: 14%

Acidity: 3,38 g/l

Terroir: The Latufa Pinot noir comes from our Traiguen Vineyard, located in Malleco D.O., the southern and coldest wine appelation in Chile. Climate is continental, cold, cloudy, with 900 to 1.200 mm rainfall per year. Vines are non irrigated.

Soil is a volcanic Tuf from old volcanic explotions, clay, sandy , full of minerals and peebles. The block is 14 years old, 0.3 has.


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